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Sweet 'Shannon' tvärflöjt D-stämd, irländsk modell, Polymer, 3-delad

2 900 kr Antal:

Sweet 'Shannon' tvärflöjt D-stämd, irländsk modell, Polymer, 3-delad

Inklusive tygfodral
Fokuserad ton
Stämning: a´440Hz

Bekväma avstånd för fingerhålen: Vänster läge 73 mm (2,86 ") och höger hand position 69 mm (2,70")
Flöjten totala längd 612 mm
Stämring medföljer

Jämn och bra tonkvalitet i hela registret även på E och A som kan vara svaga:
" . . . with a respectable presence on E and A; these notes can be weak if the flute's design is old (that is, if the design does not incorporate modern improvements)."

Finally!  The power and playability of the best wooden flutes, now in affordable polymer.

"SHANNON" sounds loud and clear for superb performance of Irish music. Classic features include elliptical blowhole and conical bore for the rich harmonics required. With the playing specifications of "SLIGO”  and the construction of "ONYX", “SHANNON" has profiled, undercut toneholes, to give a clear, buildable tone and crisp ornamentation. Excellent harmonic alignment (octave registration) and accurate scale on A=440. An easy-blowing, high-performance flute, designed for maximum playing satisfaction, durability and beauty at an affordable price with easy care. Pitched in the key of low D (non-transposing).

Comfortable hole spacing on the left hand (2.86", 73mm) and right (2.70", 69mm). The F# hole has a diameter of (0.35", 8.9mm). The A-hole (left hand, #3) is offset for easy reach. No extra charge for zero offset, just contact me to place a special order. Lengths are 10.2" (head), 8.2" (upper body), 8.2" (lower body) or 24.1" assembled (256, 208, 208 and 612mm respectively). A joint between the hands means that the player can adjust the angular position for comfort. The player can easily tune this instrument by moving the slender tenon that slides in the head's internal o-rings. Additional o-rings join the other components or serve as tuning spacers. The crown cap is integral with the endstopper; the three main sections are machined from solid rod-stock black acetal (like Delrin®, and FDA approved). Laser engraving complements the fine workmanship.

Gives a strong tone throughout its compass, with a respectable presence on E and A, which are sometimes weak on old flutes. "SHANNON" has good honk to cut thru at any session.

This flute has a simple exterior, but beneath the surface lie the results of 40 years of my experience, drawing the best from more than a century of classic, wood-flute greatness. Guaranteed to satisfy the beginner or expert, or your money cheerfully refunded. Please check out my other models. A word about break-in and setup.